Random Size Items!

New thing we're doing: posting random size stuff! It's been a long-running thing with the staff, where any time we come across an advertisement, image, or even meme that is size-related, we'll share it with each other. So we thought, why not share it with everyone? 

So here's the first. Enjoy! #sizecon17 www.sizecon.com

Limited Time #SizeCon17 Offer with @RRPictures [Expires 10/5!!]

Hi everyone,

The first of many very exciting promotions we have for SizeCon is expiring in just two days on October 5th!

RatedRawPictures is teaming up with us to bring you a one-of-a-kind opportunity featuring the beautiful Erica Fontes! With your purchase of the $250 RatedRawPictures VIP Ticket, you will receive:

  1. The latest RatedRawPictures film featuring Erica Fontes
  2. A personalized introduction to said film, where Erica Fontes directly addresses the buyer however he/she pleases!
  3. The entire outfit worn by Erica Fontes for the shoot!

Buy now because the shoot takes place in just two days on Thursday, October 6th, and there is only one (1!) ticket available! Don't miss out!



SizeCon17 is here!!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer and are ready for fall. We at SizeCon took a much needed break after our inaugural event, but we have been back at it since early August, prepping for next year’s event. This is gonna be a long post, but here’s the general idea: 1.) SizeCon 2017 is officially a go and will happen July 29-30, 2017 at the Courtyard LaGuardia! Yes it will be a two-day event! 2.) This year’s event is going to be bigger and better -- we are so excited for all the new things we have in store, and 3.) Jitensha and I have assembled a fantastic team to help us put on the best possible event.

SizeCon 2017

So first off, yes SizeCon 2017 is happening July 29-30, 2017 at the Courtyard LaGuardia in Queens, New York. The contract is signed and the deposit has gone through. To celebrate, we are going to have an Early Bird Sale -- get 20% off of your ticket if you purchase before the year ends! Plus, check out all the amazing VIP tickets we have available, each sponsored by some of the biggest names in the size community. There you’ll find exclusive items that you can only get through SizeCon! And if you book your hotel through our special link, you can get our special event rate -- so not only is it the best deal around, but you’ll be just an elevator ride away from the convention!

Attractions and Activities

We are improving so many things from last year. First of all, we have a massive 2,300 sq ft space (with fantastic air conditioning) as our main venue area, plus three breakout rooms that are 634 sq ft each. Plenty of space for Panels and a new addition -- workshops. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to collage or explore the finer points of size writing or how to produce your own SFX, the experts will teach you how. We will also be using these spaces for film screenings and meet’n’greets with size celebrities like Katelyn Brooks. Back in the main room we’ll be putting all this extra space to good use by expanding our Artist’s Alley, bringing back our green screen and VR booths, and designating specific areas for socializing and chatting. SizeCon is also looking to add technology to our event, including an official SizeCon app that not only includes helpful information about the event, but will also have QR code scanning ability, giving you exclusive access to daily goodies from artists, writers, talent and more, just by visiting their booth!

Our Team

And who will be putting this all together? Allow me to introduce our dedicated team who is working tirelessly behind the scenes:

Adrian -- Webmaster extraordinaire,

Anoka -- A tiny who is a lover of giant males and is a professional GT writer! Besides giants, she loves food and music.

Andrew -- Author, lover of all transformations: will write almost anything if you ask nicely.

TinySuperVicki -- G/T and Safe Vore artist who loves to be tiny and loves any kind of giant!

Captain Rand -- GTS collager and enthusiast. Let’s make something awesome happen!

Saftkeur -- A mixed-medium artist with a love of shrinking, soft vore, and anything cute! Also likes to overthink everything.

Kreeyz -- Adding some international flavor, Kreeyz is a micro writer/artist from France and the creator of the LaFrenchSize community.

M31 -- Digital artist, interested in almost all aspects of macrophilia, favorite food, nachos grande.

Taedis - A lurker in the size community for over twenty years, Taedis decided that it was finally time to get off the sidelines in 2015. He has since become an active size writer and volunteer for SizeCon!

Dylan -- Long time lurker, fan of SW and shrinking, fiction hobbyist, excited to contribute to the community!

Jitensha and myself round out the team, and we will be working all year round to make this event something truly special. We want to take all the fun and energy and camaraderie of last year and make it even better.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please direct them to production@sizecon.com.