Giantess Panel
Whether mini-giantess or continent-destroying titan, the giantess who make up the size community are a vital part of our community. What happens when you get several of these ladies together under one roof? Come learn all about the perspectives, desires, and struggles facing the women who make up the Giantess community.

Diversity in the Size Community
As our community grows (and shrinks… and expands…) more and more people are getting exposed to different forms of Size-based erotica. What does this mean for the future of the Size community? What is the role of the LGBTQ community within the things we love and what unique perspectives can we bring to the table? What can be done to reduce bullying in the community and to encourage women and minorities as creators? What stories would you like to share? Join us for a discussion that aims to give time in the spotlight to often overlooked portions of our world.

Models and Producers Q&A
What’s it like working in the adult industry? How hard is it to break into creating content professionally? What determines the kind of content that gets made? Come spend some time with our panel of professionals from across the adult industry, learn what goes on behind the scenes to create fantastic content, and take some time to discuss what you want to see in upcoming projects!

Size Education Discussion
Have an idea burning to get out? Want to spend a few minutes educating the community about something near and dear to your heart? Sharing your personal experiences, fears, hopes, and life lessons? SizeCon is accepting applications for 10 minute time slots in our TED-Talk inspired mini-presentations. We want to hear what you have to say! *Further details on how to submit an event will be added shortly. Please email us at if you would like to submit an idea.

This panel is all about men who love to grow or shrink others, and the tiny men and women who fantasize about them! Come join the discussion with our diverse group of panelists! 

Inflation + Expansion      
If you're fascinated by body parts swelling out of proportion, sometimes to absolutely absurd sizes, or love seeing characters inflated like balloons, this is the panel for you!

Relationship Panel
This panel is run by couples, sharing their experiences involving size dynamics in their relationships. The discussion will also include advice on coming out to a partner, exploring and sharing your desires with someone who wants to share in what you enjoy, and the lessons learned over time!

Writers Workshop  
In this panel, writers come together to discuss the art of creating size content through the written word. Share tips, give advice, and network with your favorite writers!

Tiny Ladies     
This panel is all about the women who revel in their diminutive size. Whether they've shrunk or happen to be normal sized in a giant world, what common experiences bond them together? Join us as our panelists delve into just what it means to identify as a Tiny Lady.

Body Morph Workshop
Expansion fans rejoice! Whether its a padded muscle suit or a specially designed Breast Expansion rig, join in as several prop creators put their heads together and discuss different ways to approach creating costuming solutions towards all sorts of fantasies. We just may have a few supplies to share, for those interested in learning a bit about constructing new props themselves. 

Welcome to the Dark Side
Not for the faint of heart! This panel is for lovers of size-related cruel delights - violence, humiliation, death. This panel will discuss size and the intersection of sadomasochism, self-acceptance, and embracing your sexuality.  

Kink 201: Owning What You Love       
Regardless of what area of the Size community we call home, everyone has dealt with guilt, shame, and anxiety over the things they're drawn to. The thought of opening up to a partner about the things closest to our hearts can be challenging. We will examine the various issues that crop up on the road to self acceptance and discuss strategies for becoming more confident in the desires we have.

Vore: You're What's For Breakfast! 
This panel will talk about all types of vore, and the people who are captivated by it. Voraphiles unite!

Commissioning Artists  
Commissioning artwork is a great way to support artists while bringing your fantasies to life. If you want to hear from our panelist of artists and veteran commissioners, learn about the commissioning process and how to approach artist for work, then this is the panel for you!

BDSM 101
Have you've ever noticed the parallels between some BDSM practices and Size? Here at Size Con we'll be welcoming the non-profit Eulenspiegel Society as they present a quick intro into BDSM, debunk BDSM misconceptions and teach some pretty interesting moves to help enhance your next size scene, roleplay and sex life.  

Collaging Workshop
Come meet some of your favorite collage artists as they share some tips, talk techniques and explore what it takes to make a great digital image.

Closing Ceremony
This is the time where we say goodbye and give thanks to our awesome guests and dedicated volunteers! It's been another great year!


The Wonderland Room
Get ready to mingle! Here in the Wonderland room you can find Ice breakers, drawing paper and pencils on the table, Cards Against Humanity: Size Edition, and giant backdrops to take photos in front of. All day we'll be hosting several small informal meetups (Furries, Senior Citizens, Gay Men, Women, etc), as well as demoing several video games including Final Fantasy XVGun Gun Pixies and a special modded Giant/Giantess version of Saint's Row IV

Artist Alley
Have yourself edited into a size photo in real time, meet your favorite models, and buy prints, goods and services from our talented exhibitors. This year's Size Con will have a range of products available, including comic books, figurines, prints, badges, wallscrolls and keychains from Japanese size artists, and so much more! Make sure to scan QR codes at participating Artist Alley vendors for a free Size Con downloadable.  

Cosplay Carnival
Time to show off! Whether you’ve been working on an outfit from an established universe or a completely original character, break out your best costumes and show us what you’ve got! 

SizeCon the RPG
There’s treasure to be grabbed, monsters to tackle, and traps to avoid, but this time our party of adventurers is going to have to deal with a different scale of challenge. Join some of the best GMs from within the Size community to roll some dice and see just how dangerous a few magic spells in the wrong hands can be.
To Pre-Register, become a Size Con DM or get further information, please contact:

Charity Auction
Want to support a noble cause? Want to get some really awesome swag from some of your favorite artists and writers? Come by our charity auction and do both at the same time! 100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. More information available at