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Size in Popular Culture

From classics like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman to today’s Ant-Man, there is a lot of size content to be found in movies, shows, comics, books, and advertising. This panel will explore how and when size appears in popular culture, across all mediums. 


Furry & Size

Furry and size are two great fascinations complement each other very well. Naturally different-sized creatures -- think Cat and Mouse -- offer a rich environment for size-fascination imaginations to flourish. This discussion will celebrate the interplay between these two wonderful genres.


Size & Relationships

Ever told your a friend or significant other about your size fascination? Ever dated someone who had one too? This panel will explore Size and Relationships -- topics will range from how to come out to a partner to just telling your friends and family. Come with questions!


Expansion & Inflation

If you’re fascinated by body parts -- or entire bodies! -- swelling out of proportion, then this is the panel for you! Everything from Breast Expansion to Blueberry and more will be discussed in this panel, led by several artists and producers active in this genre.


Vore: You’re What’s For Dinner!

This panel will talk about all types of vore -- the act of eating another person alive, oftentimes with that person fitting entirely into someone’s mouth! This panel will address the excitement -- and challenges -- that go along with being a voraphile.


The Dark Side

Not for the faint of heart! For lovers of cruel delights -- violence, humiliation, death -- this panel will discuss how size and sadomasochism often intersect. It will also cover the challenge of coping and accepting these desires.


Ladies’ Panel

Open to everyone, the Ladies’ Panel is run by women from the size community. The discussion will focus on topics particularly pertinent to those who identify as female in the Size Community, ranging from harassment both online and off, how to respond to intimidation.


Extreme Size

Irises the size of the moon and people smaller than specks of dust -- these are the topics that inspire lovers of Extreme Size. If you imagine getting drowning in an ocean of sweat or seeing the solar system devoured in a single bite, this is the panel for you!

Commissioning Artists for Size Content

Commissioning artwork is a great way to support artists while bringing your fantasies to life. Come learn about ins and outs of getting custom-made pieces from your favorite artists, writers, and producers!


Living the Fantasy Through Technology

Today there is a wealth of technology that helps turn size fantasy into reality: green screens, virtual reality, video games, simulations, and more. This panel will explore the technology that bring our fantasy to life, and where advances just over the horizon may take us next.


Slave & Master

The slave and master relationship is an important subset of the size fascination, and one that can be created in real life! Our panelists discuss the best ways to create and maintain this dynamic.


Tiny Life

When you’re tiny, everything becomes a chore. Simple tasks like changing the channel on the TV or walking across a room transform into epic journeys. This panel discusses the age-old question: “What would your life actually be like for a tiny?”


Giant Women

This panel is all about the women who love to grow themselves or shrink others, and of course the tiny men and women who “look up” to them! Join the discussion and meet others into women much bigger than themselves!


Giant Men

This panel is all about the men who love to grow themselves or shrink others, and of course the tiny men and women who “look up” to them! Join the discussion and meet others into men much bigger than themselves!


Giant Couples

Just a giant woman or a giant man not enough? Are you interested in seeing two titanic lovers bring devastation to a city, or joining them as a miniscule third? This panel is for everyone fascinated by Giant Couples and their effect on those around them!


Size & Sex

From roleplaying to dolls and more, this panel discusses all the ways you can experience your size fascination in the bedroom!


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