I want to Participate in sizecon as an artist/panelist/writer/producer/etc. how do i do that?

✍️Please reach out to us at


Is this con only for fans of giant/giantess? ðŸ§šâ€â™€ï¸ðŸ‘ˆ

Not at all - We want to foster the spirit of inclusion here at SizeCon! The size community itself, after all, is comprised of individuals who fly more than one flag: we are 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ, furry, anthro, lovers of expansion and inflation, transformation, BDSM, and so much more. So if you have any interest in size-related things, you’re definitely welcome to come and nerd out with us! ðŸ¤“🤤


Can I bring my non-size-interested significant others/friends?

Absolutely! As long as they stick to our rules, any friend of a size-lover is a friend of ours. â¤ 

What if I see someone I know?😳

While the odds of bumping into someone that you already know outside the community at Size Con are astronomically low, if you happened to bump into someone you did know, that's a good thing: you found a fellow Size-Lover! High-five! ðŸ™Œ 

I don’t know anyone, and I’m nervous about going.😱😱😱

Don’t worry, this is the third time we've run a con like this - meaning, most people will be strangers to each other. Luckily, for those nervous about finding a friend to hang out with, you can start making connections ahead of the convention by joining our official Discord Chat.

I'm Worried about privacy - will my identity be safe? ðŸ“¸

Privacy is extremely important for Size Con guests. Many of our staff, as well as many of our attendees hold careers in the public eye - Doctors, Teachers, etc. Because of that, we have a strict photo and video policy at the event. Any public photos of Size Con were taken by our Official Size Con photographer with explicit permission of all those in the photo. We also allow attendees to Cosplay, wear masks, etc, as long as they are not intimidating (i.e. Jason mask, Ski mask, etc). 👺 
While we collect names of guests to verify with their ID that they are over 18, we do not keep this list, nor would we ever release such a list - remember, we'd be on it too! ðŸ˜œ

I need to cut down on costs ðŸ’¸ - How Do I Find a CON-roomie? 

Come join us on our Official Size Con Room-Share Channel on Discord, where you look for an event roommate, or post an ad for an onsite hotel room you've already booked and wanting to split. We encourage you to only posts listings for our host venue, the New York LaGuardia Airpot Marriott so that we stay as close to each other as possible. Feel free to arrange other cost splitting expenses with your Size Con roomie, like transportation, food, etc.


I've never been to Size Con - what should I expect? ðŸ˜²

When you arrive at the event, there will be a check-in booth where we will hand you your badge, a pamphlet and give you a brief verbal rundown of our rules. Using your pamphlet or our Size Con WebApp on your mobile phone, you can plan out your day with fun and exciting events, socials, panels, and activities! There's always something new and exciting happening every hour at Size Con!  ðŸ¤©


I'm not sure I feel comfortable with all the content I see advertised for size con...😣

Some Giantess fans prefer not to see Giant content. Some Expansion fans prefer to enjoy their content without a the subject being 80 feet tall. Some fans prefer SFW content over NSFW content. The list goes on...Unfortunately, we can't make everyone happy in this respect. We have a lot of overlap in fantasies and interests, and being that our communities have lived solely online, it only made sense for all of us to join forces! Remember, a few years ago, an event like this was unthinkable and finding reliable volunteers are still somewhat hard to come by.

However, just like at a typical Fan Event/Convention, nothing at Size Con is mandatory or forced upon you. You do not have to attend certain events or panels outside of your interest. You do not have to look at any artwork you do not want to look at. All Panels and Booths with NSFW content will be clearly marked on the physical pamphlet provided to you at Size Con.