I want to Participate in sizecon as an artist/panelist/writer/producer/etc. how do i do that?

Please reach out to us at


Is this con only for macro/micro people? Are furries/muscle growth/BBW/other invited?

Conventions for kindred communities such as FurryCon serve as valuable meeting spaces for our community, and we want to foster that same spirit of inclusion at SizeCon. The size community itself, after all, is comprised of individuals who fly more than one flag: we are LGBTQ, furry, anthro, lovers of expansion and inflation, transformation, BDSM, and so much more. So if you have any interest in size-related things, you’re definitely welcome!


Can I bring my non-size-interested significant others/friends?

Absolutely! Any friend of a size-lover is a friend of ours.


I’m worried about my photo being taken and uploaded onto the internet. What can I do?

Convention security will be ready to help resolve an issue if you feel your privacy is jeopardized. We encourage convention goers to ask permission before including someone else in a photo. We also encourage cosplay, especially if it makes you feel comfortable hiding behind a mask, prosthetics or makeup.


What if I see someone I know?

That's a good thing: you found a fellow Size-Lover! High-five!


I don’t know anyone, and I’m nervous about going.

Don’t worry, this is the second con of its kind: most people will be strangers to each other. Luckily, for those nervous about finding a friend to hang out with, we will be starting a buddy system ahead of the convention to group people in threes or more, based off which discussion groups or interest you like. We are also using this system to group people in hotel rooms, if they want to find room buddies, as well.


Someone I don’t like is going to be there and I’m worried about bumping into them.

The convention will be in a large ballroom and a few other rooms, segmented into different areas. There will be plenty of room to spread out. There will also be plenty of other potential new friends to meet and hangout with!