We traveled to New York City from around the globe, our origins spanning twenty states and six countries across three continents.  We arrived by plane, by bus, by car, by train, and by foot.  We overcame the burdens of travel expenses, lodging, and our own anxiety.  We were of all genders and orientations.  We were artists, writers, models, designers, fans, and enthusiasts.  We were also friends and loved ones who may not have shared an interest in the size community but wholeheartedly supported those who did.  Our specific interests were varied, but our purpose was singular:  To find a forum where all would feel accepted, where we could exchange ideas and art, where we felt like we belonged no matter what our background and interest.

And we succeeded.

SizeCon 2016 was an overwhelming triumph for the size community, its fruition thanks to the efforts of co-founders Jitensha and Bryan.  Nearly 125 open-minded individuals gathered together on West 27th Street for the first-ever meeting of its kind, a convention celebrating all things size.

From start to finish, there was truly something for everyone.  The day began with the opening of Artists’ Alley and closed with size-themed drinks, snacks, and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of free pizza in a variety of toppings.  Throughout the day, there were green screens for custom photos, interactive tech demos allowing attendees to experience the latest in virtual reality, and the Artists’ Alley, where everyone could meet some of their favorite writers and illustrators, purchase content, and even commission pieces.

And of course, there were the panels, which covered a broad range of topics and interests.  These included giants, giantesses, furries, vore, and expansion, where attendees could engage in discussions about their favorite genres.  There was a relationship panel that covered ways to incorporate size in the bedroom as well as how to broach the topic with a significant other.  A behavioral scientist shared his insights and research into the fascination and also provided free counseling service throughout the day.  The Ladies’ Panel, open to all genders and orientations, explored the challenges faced by women in the size community.  There was certainly much to discuss and learn that day.

The night ended with con-wide toast celebrating the fruition of our efforts.  Attendees and celebrities alike raised glasses.  Katelyn Brooks stood side-by-side with The Minimizer, MaxGrowth, J Yubari, Gary Pranzo, and RedFireDog to mention just a few of the honored guests in attendance.

All-in-all, SizeCon was an event where attendees found acceptance and learned there were many others who shared their interests.  It provided hope and encouragement for those who had struggled and felt isolated.  Smiles broke out as anxieties faded.  People felt like they had found a place where they truly belonged.  Lives were forever changed for the positive.  Some attendees even used the con as a means for introducing their interests to a loved one.  Others were reminded how grateful they were for the people who already knew about and accepted their fascinations.  People had never felt closer to themselves, to their loved ones, and to the size community.  Guests went home having learned new things about themselves and others, having made new friends and new connections, and with bags packed with merchandise and pizza.
Nearly everyone who attended indicated they were extremely likely to attend again in 2017.  We have been listening to your suggestions and we hope to make SizeCon 2017 even better!

SizeCon 2016 Quick Hits

  • 125+ attendees from all over, including California, Florida, and France!

  • 83.4% of you rated your experience an 8, 9, or 10!

  • 50% of you traveled from more than 3 hours away, and 25% traveled more than 6 hours!

  • 50% of you said “I will move worlds and gods to be at SizeCon 2017,” and over 80% said you will very likely attend next year’s event.


  • Intense, positive, woman friendly, gay friendly, safe, inclusive, and above all, fun! I have been to some cons, this was something special. Electric, energetic, gleeful fun. Immensely glad I was there.
    — Theophilus Bolt
  • Bottom line: you didn't go, you missed out. Big Time.
    — Darkest Hour
  • [SizeCon] really has changed my life and changed the way I see myself and made my confidence soar. I just can't wait for next year... thank you so very, very much.
    — Guy
  • ...SizeCon and everything surrounding it was one of the most amazing and inspiring days of my life.
    — Miss Kaneda
  • I'm amazed at how open everyone was. I'm quite introverted and even I quickly opened up... It's so fulfilling to be able to speak about this part of my life.
    — Praedatorius