From New Brunswick station, you can take a train into New York’s Penn Station. While in the big apple, the most common mode of transportation in the city is via subway. To use NYC’s subway, you must first buy a Metro Card from a ticket kiosk located nearby subway turnstiles or at a manned MTA booth and then add money onto the Metro Card for rides.

Metro Cards cost $1, but can be refilled, so don’t lose it! Rides cost $2.75 one way, and can be used on both the subway and MTA buses. A ride also includes a free transfer between subway and buses. If you plan on staying in New York City for an extended amount of time, and plan to do a lot of travel, I’d recommend investing in a 7-Day Unlimited Metro Card which cost $31. The best part of NYC’s subway, is that it runs 24-7, that’s why we’re the city that never sleeps!

Aside from our massive metro, we also have an extensive network of Taxis! NYC’s yellow taxi cabs, and Boro green-apple taxi cabs are safe and very reliable. All city cabs take credit card, and offer live maps so that you can see where your driver is taking you. Other car services like Uber and Lyft are also readily available. 


I’m sure if this is your first time to NYC, you’ve already read through tourist books or websites in preparation for your visit. I don't know how good their suggestions were, but I know you came to NYC to celebrate your love for size. It only made sense that as locals, we list our top Size Sites in NYC too! Check them out!

Donatella Den

The Statue of Liberty - I’m sure she was already on your list, but how could we not make a shout out to our 112 foot giant lady?

Swift Hibernian Lounge - Good beers, good food, and Gulliver! Named after Johnathan Swift, there’s quite a few art pieces of Gulliver’s Travels throughout the pub.

Donatella's Den (21+) -  Are you looking to hire a Domme to scratch your submissive itch? Or maybe rent a room for some D/s play with your partner? Book now at Donatella's to make your trip to NYC a little extra special.

The Museum of Sex (18+)- If you ever wanted to go to a bounce house made out of inflatable boobs. This is your place. Check Groupon and other online sites for discounts!

Central Park’s "Alice in Wonderland" Statue - One of the most popular statues in the park!

Gulliver's Gate -  A full city block wide, Gulliver's Gate is a technologically advanced, interactive and immersive world of miniatures that will ignite your imagination and challenge your perspective. Buy 3D printed tiny replicas of yourself here!

Queen's Museum - Houses the world's largest architectural model, a 1:1200 scale panorama of NYC! It was made for the 1964 World's Fair.

Ghostbusters Dimension - Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot plasma at a 112.5 feet monster? Well now you can in Madame Tussauds new hyper-reality, immersive 4D experience! Highly recommended for Ghostbuster and Size fans alike.

Tiny Doll House - A hobby shop for everything tiny! Come check out their cute handheld furniture, figurines and more!

Giant Needle and Button - If you happen to be in the Garment District, it’s a great photo op!

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop - Not actually size related, but their signage is pretty cute! Plus, their food is pretty tasty too. Try their famous Spicy Rizzak!

Bloomingdales Flagship - On display throughout the summer, visit Bloomingdale's 5th floor Shoe Department to see a variety of gigantic women's pumps and sneakers for free!

Hershey's Chocolate World - A favorite among tourists - visit to find the biggest, edible versions of your favorite candies!

NYU Langone - Check out this giant, playful Dalmatian Statue outside the NYU Langone's Children's Hospital.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled when exploring New York City. New artists and exhibits pop in and out of the city all the time - You never know what awesome size related thing you might see!