Welcome to SizeCon!

FEBRUARY 15-16 2020 @ the Piscataway Radisson Hotel!

SizeCon is an event for anyone who yearns to explore their size fascination with other like minds. At our convention, you can expect a welcoming environment to talk about your interests, a variety of interactive panels and activities, and artists from across the size spectrum in our Artists’ Alley. Come join size enthusiasts from around the world in the fourth edition of this one-of-a-kind event; Click here to learn more!

  • Intense, positive, woman friendly, gay friendly, safe, inclusive, and above all, fun! I have been to some cons, this was something special. Electric, energetic, gleeful fun. Immensely glad I was there.
    — Theophilus Bolt
  • Bottom line: you didn't go, you missed out. Big Time.
    — Darkest Hour
  • [SizeCon] really has changed my life and changed the way I see myself and made my confidence soar. I just can't wait for next year... thank you so very, very much.
    — Guy
  • ...SizeCon and everything surrounding it was one of the most amazing and inspiring days of my life.
    — Miss Kaneda
  • I'm amazed at how open everyone was. I'm quite introverted and even I quickly opened up... It's so fulfilling to be able to speak about this part of my life.
    — Praedatorius